Shop in the world of wonder

Shop in the world of wonder

Where possibilities are endless with our many 3D printing services and filaments on offer.

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Dual Colour PLA

Bring Your Ideas to Life With Our 3D Printing Services


This is a good alternative to CNC’ing and injection molding while you are still testing out you designs.

With this service, we create a digital model of your product or part using (CAD) software, and then using our 3D printer; we create a physical prototype of that design. This process allows for rapid iteration and testing of designs, as well as the ability to create functional parts and prototypes that can be used for testing and development.

Print from Scratch

Send us your ideas and together we can make them a reality.

We will work together with you to take your ideas and turn them into designs. We will then 3D print a prototype, confer back with you, make any necessary adjustments, and finally bring your idea to life.

This option is best if you don’t have exact specifications and want us to work with an idea rather than a pre-existing design.

Print from File

Our print-from-file service offers 3d printing for models provided to us in a variety of file types including STL, OBJ, and openSCAD. We also offer an option to print designs that have been provided through a link.

Please note that we do not claim ownership of any designs that are provided to us. We only provide the printing service and any charges are solely based on the time and filament required for the print.

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